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The Perfect Picture

for more attraction for your holidaystay.

  • 1 uu 30 min.
  • At your location | online

Beschrijving van de dienst

You have a nice holidaystay at a lovely location. You're giving your heart and soul to people during their stay. Someting wonderful to look forward to. Your priority is to give your guests a stay to remember. Comfort! But... Unfortunately it turns out it is difficult to give your accommodation that same wonderful atmosphere. And You olso have a website, but the bookings are not forthcoming... Just change the game! Because with the perfect story - online and offline - we can turn the tide. Especially in uncertain and challenging times it is nice and important to get new inspiration. Surpise your guests with a lovely and pleasent holidaystay. What we offer? We come and help to transform your accommodation into a most beautyful 5 star stay. Offline and online, so that your occupancy rate increases, cousing more income for your company. And you can be the host who offers guests an unforgettable experience during a well-deserved holiday. Imagine this... Your stay, gives the perfect first impression. Because of a great comfortable interior and beautiful pictures. Pictures that radiate how beautiful and comfy your stay and its surroundings are. So find out how you're able to touch your guests in their soul again with your holidaystay! We promise you: Before your doors open again, your holiday stay has transform a metamorphosis. Together we transform your holidaystay into a most beautyful short rent stay, which means: - Bookings can increase. - And as a result, business risk decreases. - Cousing more income. - But above all, you take your guests directly to the ultimate holiday feeling. What do you say, does this proposal suits you? We arrange everything for you: - QuickScan on location - Complete metamorphosis of your stay, but without the TV cameras. - Pictures for your website, so that the holiday spirit can start immediately. We love to help you. Normally the investment for a 5 star stay is 2075 euro vat excluded. 1) Perfect Host Checklist Included 2) Exterior photos and of the surrounding area Included Only now: 3) During the crisis, we are happy to support the local entrepreneurs You choose how: Choice A) Voucher worth € 250.00 for your favorite restaurant, florist, or .. Choice B) Want to support your own business? Good idea! You will get a accessory package worth € 250.00 incl.vat for your holidaystay. We love to meet you and help to perfect your short rent stay! You can book online, just push on the green button


Moet je helaas annuleren? Of wil je opnieuw een online sessie plannen, neem dan zo spoedig mogelijk en maximaal 24 uur van te voren contact met ons op. Do you unfortunately have to cancel? Or if you want to reschedule an online session, please contact us as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours in advance.


+ 0615623989

Leoninusstraat 37, 6821 EN Arnhem, Netherlands

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